Chris With Digits (chris21718) wrote in thepajamaclub,
Chris With Digits

PJ questions

I have no idea what the general gender mix is here since I'm new to this group, but I'll say that I'm a guy and I love wearing pajamas. I've got tons of different kinds, from the typical thin, loose type that is widely available, to flannel, to nylon or polyester. I also have some that are made of long-john type material and some that are more similar to thin sweatpants. I like them all. Many of them are nice enough that I can wear them in public. Another thing I love to do is wear flannel or thermal style PJs under jeans, khakis, or cargo pants for extra warmth.

For the guys here -- what are your favorite types of pajamas and how do you prefer to wear them -- with briefs, boxers, or to use the PJs as underwear themselves? I wear mine in a large variety of ways.

These questions are mainly for guys but females are welcome to join in too.
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