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Oh my GOD what a cute community!! *^_^*

one quick thing---ITS ABOUT TIME someone started a PAJAMA community! XD
Name: Sean
Age: 18
Sex: Grrrl
Favorite thing to do on a rainy day: Cuddle with my baby under a blanket (in pajamas of course) by the fire and watching a movie <3
Something you love: Cuddling <3
Something you despise: Mean people >:0
Why you love pajamas: They are COMFORTABLE...and almost all pajamas I've seen are CUTE..
A story about you and your pajamas: Once I was sick and ..actually I don't think you really wanna know o.o;;; LOL
Something completely random about you that we might find interesting: I am currently wearing pink hello kitty pajamas at 2:38 pm lol :P
Tell us a joke: ok well excuse me, all I know are dirty jokes so please forgive me...
OK there was this guy and he was going away for a while and he knew his wife needed some sort of sexual pleasure otherwise she'd probably cheat on him..so he goes to the sex shop. He finds this "voodoo dildo" and he goes to the store clerk and says, "What is this?" and they guy says, "Voodoo dildo that door" and the dildo jumps up and starts hammering the door. so the guys like "OK I'll TAKE IT!" so he buys it and brings it home. He tells his wife how to work it and then he leaves. So a few days later the lady's like..ok I'm kinda horny.. so she takes out the dildo and says, "Voodoo dildo my crotch" and it does. So after about 3 tense orgasms she decides she wants to stop.. but she can't figure out how to get it to stop. So she drives to the hospital, swerving all over the road and what not.. and then a cop pulls her over. "Are you drunk?" he asks her. and she says "NO! THere's this VOODOO DilDO and I CANT Get it to STOP!!" and he starts laughing and says, "HA! Voodoo dildo MY ASS!"
XD lOL...
Think of a question and answer it since we're uncreative: hmm ok..
What are you listening to right now: Postal service ^_^
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