♥Zombie Ishtar♥ (urlambandmartyr) wrote in thepajamaclub,
♥Zombie Ishtar♥

I'm new here! ^.^

I found this community through my LJ friend fluffybunnyriot, and since I love pajamas, I want to join!♥

Favorite thing to do on a rainy day:Snuggle with my Marik, lounge in pajamas all day unless something else comes up, sleep, be on the internet, play in the rain, play with Marik, go to the hot springs, look for more pajamas on the computer, day dream...
Something you love:♥Marik♥ and his cute pajamas that match with mine that he wears even though they're for girls!
Something you despise:Pajamas ripping!(I wear them pretty often so the pants forming holes is a much too common problem).
Why you love pajamas:Because even though they're for sleeping, they're much more than that! They have some of the cutest designs(like mine!)and super comfortable! Perfect for lounging and cuddling! And sometimes they have pajamas that you can wear out.
A story about you and your pajamas:My pajamas have been with me a lot of the times I am getting in trouble or doing our crazy little adventures.
Something completely random about you that we might find interesting:I don't know how to ride a bike. >.>
Tell us a joke:Ok, it's kind of dirty...but it's the only one I can think of, so here goes. 'A man comes home from work to find his wife with her legs spread apart in front of the fire. When he asks her what he's doing, she replies 'Warming up your dinner'.
Think of a question and answer it since we're uncreative:Hmm..ok
When was the last time you ate at Long John's Silver?:It's been awhile since my friends never want to eat there!!! :(
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