sadie_princess (sadie_princess) wrote in thepajamaclub,

hi! i'm new!

Name: sadie princess
Age: 11
Sex:  girl  
Favorite thing to do on a rainy day: stay in my jammies and read
Something you love: cozy blankets and jammies
Something you despise: mean people
Why you love pajamas: they are so cozy and comfy
A story about you and your pajamas: after school evry day i come home and put on my jammies. i just love them so much. one time i even walked up the street like 5 houses up to check the mail box in them! people just looked and smiled it was day time!! i didnt care i love being in my jammers!
Something completely random about you that we might find interesting: well i am super shy but after you get to kno me i can be real goofy and silly!
Tell us a joke: knock knock!  whos there? orange  orange who?  orange you glad to see me?!
Think of a question and answer it since we're uncreative: what is your favorite animal?  bunny rabbits!!
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