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Greetings and welcome to all! So...you're all probably wondering: what in the world is the pajama club??

Well, it all started on one not-so-very-special day when writemethesea expressed her love of pajama pants to gabexcellent during a random conversation via AIM. gabexcellent, being the pajama lover that he is, marvelled at how pjs truly were the most comfortable clothing on earth. And so, in a sudden spurt of insanity brilliance, the two cofounded the pajama club.

With the beginning of the club, a whole new realm of possibilities were now open to us. Just imagine what could become of our little club-- word would spread, people would start wearing pajamas all the time, the government would be overthrown, and the pajama club members would rule the world by providing peace, security, freedom, and pajamas to all those in need.

So this is your opportunity to join the movement. Use this community to express your love of pajamas, funny stories that you have about pajamas, etc. Post pictures, icons, anything. The possiblities are only limited by your creativity.

A few very easy to follow rules:
1) Keep all posts semi-pajama related. Or atleast try. We're not gonna kill you if you go off on a tangent.
2) Be respectful. Durr. This rule is self explanatory, methinks. And if for some reason you can't follow it, I'll ban you. Bwahaha!
3) You are allowed to post advertisements in the community, but only on the condition that you provide us three links showing that you promoted us. It's only fair :)
4) Have fun. That's what the pajama club is really all about!

All new members are asked to fill out the following survey:
**please note that this is only so we can get to know you better, not an application. Anyone is welcome to join :)

Favorite thing to do on a rainy day:
Something you love:
Something you despise:
Why you love pajamas:
A story about you and your pajamas:
Something completely random about you that we might find interesting:
Tell us a joke:
Think of a question and answer it since we're uncreative:

At the moment we're a very tiny community, so please please put one of these banners in your user info or tell a friend about us. The only thing I ask is that you try to save it to your own server for bandwidth issues.